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Stephen Scott


Stephen Scott photoI have operated successfully as an independent consultant since 1993. Syncresis has no other full-time staff at present, although it can involve associates with many different capabilities when required.

My consultancy practice is focussed on the development of closely-integrated business processes and supporting IT systems, primarily to improve the effectiveness of my clients’ Supply Chain Management processes, in the widest sense. The great majority of my projects have a forecasting, planning, scheduling or execution control component.


Since becoming an independent practitioner in 1993, I have worked with clients in a range of industries, including digital electronics / electromechanical manufacturing, industrial coatings, pharmaceuticals, food, and industrial maintenance supplies.

I started my career in the engineering industry in 1974, and later worked for IBM, PA Consulting Group, and System Software Associates (an ERP vendor). During this time, my career moved back and forth between IT-focussed and business operations-focussed roles.


Whenever appropriate, I put great emphasis on developing high levels of engagement and commitment to project outcomes. My most successful projects are a truly collective effort, with high levels of involvement by a range of people from across the affected levels and functions in the organisation. I am therefore flexible about methodology. I try to build an approach from a range of sources, which suits the specific context. My overriding aim is to assist in the development of solutions which inspire a high level of confidence in the organisation.

The foundations

Much of what I contribute is drawn from extensive experience of the real practical issues involved in Operations Management and systems implementation. However, I am committed to maintaining a robust theoretical basis for the approaches I adopt. Among other things, I completed an MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics in 2002. I continue to attend a range of courses and seminars, and read extensively.

I am also a part-time lecturer at the University of Greenwich , where I am course leader for Masters-level modules in Operations Management, Operations Strategy and Project Management.


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