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Project examples

Post-acquisition business process / ERP integration (Germany)

A "straightforward" port of an existing BPCS ERP Supply Chain implementation - with differences in sector business practices, differences in organisational culture, and acute time pressure.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling – system selection ( UK )

Complex and evolving requirements, rapid learning within the team, and uncertainty about how well the options would work in practice.

Advanced Planning – short shelf life food ( UK )

Implementation of a system to handle complex tradeoffs in the short term planning process.

Advanced Scheduling – short shelf life food ( UK )

AS/ERP integration can involve awkward tradeoffs between future business flexibility, and people's capacity to manage the data and understand the implications of what they are doing.

Creating scalable processes (Ireland)

This company faced rapid expansion. Its operational processes, based on BPCS ERP augmented by many spreadsheets and boltons, would not scale up to handle future volumes and complexity.

The impact of the euro (Ireland)

Achieving a safe and orderly transition to the euro.

Agility without chaos - hi-tech manufacturing (Belgium)

How to be the leader for leading-edge products and time-to-market, while maintaining an efficient and orderly total supply chain.

Manufacturing execution control and data capture (UK)

Requirements definition, vendor assessment, and design of an alternative for in-house development, in a UK food manufacturer.

Unsticking a stuck project team

Helping a team which had lost momentum in the face of disruptive initiatives from elsewhere in the organisation.

Modernising the legacy – industrial maintenance supplies (UK)

Defining future systems capabilities to support competitive strategy.


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