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Creating Scalable Processes (Ireland)

Process flow snippetFollowing a review of manufacturing strategy, this pharmaceutical company was undertaking a major increase in the size of its operations in Ireland. To deal with the special nature of their products, their ERP system (BPCS V6) had been supplemented by a range of custom bolt-ons, spreadsheets and off-line processes. This would not scale up to deal with the expansion.

The parent company had embarked on a global SAP-based ERP strategy, but this could not be deployed in time.

Stephen Scott worked with the client team to deal with the key changes required to achieve scalability. He identified re-implementation options for the ERP system, analysed their implications, and assisted in their evaluation.

None of the BPCS-based options were in fact particularly useful in this case. However, the exercise gave the client's team a much deeper understanding of the issues and requirements, and laid the basis for the eventual solution.


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