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Advanced Scheduling – Short Shelf Life Food ( UK )

Scheduling resource map snippet

This was one of the implementation projects, arising from a system selection exercise, described here. It followed on from an Advanced Planning implementation – the description here gives further background on the company.

Syncresis was responsible for designing and specifying the process flows and interfaces between the AS and backbone BPCS 6.1 ERP systems, and additional data management facilities required to support the AS model.

Because the two systems saw the world in different ways – they had very different data models – this was a challenging task. It involved delicate tradeoffs. The ideal design for flexibility and future-proofing would have been unreasonably complex to build and operate. To get the balance right, we needed considerable insight into the business, manufacturing process knowledge, and facilitation skills, to ensure that detailed judgements took account of differing perspectives within the business, and were based on a full understanding of the issues involved.

We also contributed significantly to:

  • The development of options for the scheduling models and workflows, and their evaluation in relation to business needs and the physical characteristics of the plant.
  • Development of processes, procedures and related IT requirements in other areas of the project.

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