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Business Process Development

We do not need to restate the range of pressures on companies faced with ever-escalating competition and customer demands.

We have often helped companies to identify radically better ways of doing things, using our experience of effective practices and truly innovative thinking in a range of organisations.

Detailed barriers to brilliant ideas

However, developing conceptually convincing proposals is often the easy bit. Good ideas often hit the following kinds of problem during detailed development and implementation:

  • The new ways of working have incompatibilities with each other and with existing processes, which only emerge at a late stage.
  • The new processes, when worked out in detail, turn out to over-stretch the capabilities of the people who must carry them out. This results in unacceptable error rates, reduced efficiency and low responsiveness.
  • In large organisations, new standard processes can collide with bona-fide local differences in business practices and customer needs. Unless handled with great care, this can lead to a host of negative effects which largely negate the benefits of the changes.

Stakeholder engagement

The easiest way to avoid these difficulties, reduce the unintended side-effects of change, and ensure the greatest practical benefit, is through the involvement and engagement of people throughout the organisation, and beyond if appropriate. Syncresis and its partners can help organisations to adopt approaches to process change, which bring the knowledge and understanding of all interested parties into the discussion at the earliest possible point, and ensure that details of changes are devised by the people who have to make them work.

In general, such an approach also leads to increased buy-in and commitment from people throughout the organisation.


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